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Jean Francois Bourlard is a reknown potter based in Sadirac France, cose to Bordeaux. We have a few pieces which he created here in San Diego while on a 1 month residency.



Pieces range from $280-780

Please contact us to see what we have available at the store.

his link is 



My work explores the limits of the ceramic medium, whether in the form of vases, sculptures or installations.
I manipulate the forces and movements produced during firing, while adapting to specific kiln conditions (electric or gaz). I create juxtapositions of glazes and enamels on stoneware and porcelain, while also experimenting with the positioning of pieces within the kiln (by suspending, on a spindle, etc).
Using fire I reconstruct matter and volume.

My experimental work is at its height with the performance "Punk Raku" which play with the codes of traditional pottery while paying tribute to it.


Jean Francois Bourlard