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Kirby Kendrick is a professionally trained artist specializing in Southwestern, Contemporary, and Impressionist paintings, drawings, multi-media, and installation. A graduate of the New York Studio School, Kendrick has also studied under Tom Noble, Elias Rivera, Graham Nickson, and Sam Scott. Kendrick has received numerous awards and recognition during her career as a professional artist, including the Award of Excellence at the 2008 San Diego 50th International Award Exhibition. Her work is also featured on permanent exhibition at the San Diego Museum Of Art.


"From my first paintings using Crayolas to graduating from New York Studio School in Greenwich Village, New York, living in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and San Diego California, and becoming an impressionist artist, I have been on a journey filled with passion and adventure.

Twenty years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. While still hospitalized, an impressionist painter friend casually gave me a package of six Crayolas and a sketchbook. I began painting the only colors I found... the occasional flower and doctors’ neckties! I discovered a deep and abiding love of color and a desire to create more.

Home again, I proceeded to unabashedly paint the walls of my Santa Fe adobe home in the patterns of Matisse—impressionist painter extraordinaire. When my walls were covered, I moved onto a canvas and came to study with Elias Rivera, as well with Sam Scott. Eventually, I moved to New York City for 3 years of classical training with Graham Nickson at The New York Studio School.

For me, it enriches my soul to respond to the beauty and even the strange awkwardness found in people and landscapes. The object of painting a picture is not to merely make a picture. Rather, the picture by an impressionist painter is the product of those moments of experiencing this beauty and strangeness. It is the moments of the human experience that intrigue and astonish me.

As an impressionist artist, my passion is to capture on canvas the truth of these moments with their grace, drama and sometimes despair. I find fascinating the poetic nature in our world and life. I also seek the courage, as an impressionist painter, to go on developing this ability to see in nature the thing which charms me and to then express it as fully and completely as I can."

Kirby Kendrick