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"After doing a degree I spent most of 10 years living abroad and travelling, playing in bands and teaching scuba diving. I did art on the way but didn't take it with me in form or photograph. Now more settled, having completed an MA and exhibiting regularly both here and overseas, much of my work still lies with the unfixed, such as works in newspaper put up in the wild, town or country. They last a short time, a temporary intervention in spaces decorated by sprayed graffiti, spilled paint, decay, the slowly changing forms of plants. The print itself is sometimes relevant.

I make other temporary interventions in the form of pop up triumphal arches and tent monuments, sculpture in a bag. I am fascinated by the will to do pointless things; relentlessly reaching for new, unnecessary ends, striving for an imagined better. It is both marvelous and ridiculous, glorious and distressing. I use the household debris of other lives as the raw materials, seas of china and bedding, items that themselves have become unfixed, not quite waste, but unwanted. They turn into a triumphal arch, a celebration of events that no one will remember anyway, a celebration of the pointless beauty of all our glorious and partial endeavour."

Lulu Allison