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I have been a studio potter for more than 35 years, with a strong emphasis on functional and decorative work made from stoneware or porcelain clay. My goal is to produce pieces that are graceful and soothing, yet with visual strength. To make something beautiful and functional is fulfilling to me. 


Through the use of handmade stamps, added decorations, tactile texture and designs, I create a canvas adding rich colors and earth tones to every piece. Each piece comes alive as I design and create it, usually without any preplanning. Generally, one idea leads to another as each subsequent piece is based on ideas and enhancements from the previous one. 


Making something useful out of a ball of clay, that is the magic clay holds for me. Once the process is complete, I sit with wonder, and can’t wait to begin all over again.  


Please come by or contact us to see the full collection.

Merle Lambeth

Soap Trays