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Born and raised in the South of France, Pierre Bounaud migrated to the United States in 1993, landing in New York before moving to San Diego in 1998. Pierre's ceramics career began in 2004 with introductory pottery classes, first at a community college and then at a local studio. In 2010 Pierre established a private home studio in San Diego to further explore form and color development, from Raku and saggar firing to mid-range glaze firing.
"I love to explore new techniques, to develop new skills, to experiment with texture and glazes and watch an idea transform into a vessel or a wall piece. Working on a new form or a new design is an incredibly stimulating exercise; the experience is both visual and tactile, and richly rewarding. It is a creative process I truly enjoy.”
Pierre’s unique artwork has been featured in multiple galleries, including the Borrego Art Institute, the American Museum of Ceramic Arts, the Kellogg University Art Gallery, the Front Porch Gallery, and the City of Brea Art Gallery.
Currently, Pierre’s body of work is a balance of decorative and functional ceramic ware, utilizing earthenware and mid-range porcelain. His most recent work features the use of colored terra sigillata in Saggar and electric firings. Pierre is teaching workshops on alternate firing techniques (Raku, Naked Raku, Saggar), the use of terra sigillata, and glaze development. Contact him for workshop opportunities.

Pierre Bonaud