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Sissy Alsabrook is a native Texan who moved to California in 2005. After decades in business as a mother, volunteer and realtor, Sissy at age 50+ finally got a chance to change careers and fully dedicate her time to painting, her first love.
In California she went back to school to study art with some of southern California's finest teachers at Watts Atelier, The Atheneum in La Jolla, Market Street Group and workshops at Art on 30th.
Sissy has mastered color and composition; she is a romantic painter and it shows in her work. She mostly does impressionist paintings and lately has started working on modern pieces. Her brushstrokes are soft and her colors vibrant.
Through landscapes and figures, she captures light beautifully and understands the essence of her subjects. She is living her dream and it comes through in her work.

Sissy Alsabrook